Sports Science, Health and Wellness


Nutritional Supplementation for Health and Sport Performance (SDG3)


Team Members:


1. Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) - a raising agent for sport performance? (TAR UC Internal Grant 2020-2022)

Conference presentation: Gee Yong Yong, Ler Hui Yin, and Wee Eng Hoe (2022). Chronic Loading of Sodium Bicarbonate Supplementation Improved Endurance Performances Under Hot Conditions in Trained Runners. 1st AgileMAS Research in High Performance Sports Colloquium (HPSC 2022). Decoded Translating Science, Vol 2 (5), Pp32-33. eISSN No: 2948-3948 [Won Young Investigator Award)


Journal Publication:

Shing, L.K., Yin, L.H., Yong, G.Y., Hoe, W.E. (2021). Effects of sodium bicarbonate ingestion on prolonged running performance and recovery in trained runners. Bali Medical Journal 10(3): 964-969. DOI: 10.15562/bmj.v10i3.2741


2.  An investigation on the effectiveness of the Mitoceps blends of Asiros Ribetril and Cordyceps on energy boosting in Endurance Runner and Sedentary Peoples (Industry Grant 2019-2022)


Proceedings/Abstract Book:

Ler Hui Yin, Tan Jian Yun, Chan Kai Quin. Effect of Cordyceps Militaris, Arginine and Citrulline Supplementation on Long Distance Runners in Hot Conditions. Lecture Notes in Bio-engineering (Springer). In-print.


Weat Teck Koh, Hui Yin Ler, Kai Quin Chan (2020). Effect of Cordyceps Militaris on Health-Related Components in Sedentary Adults. VSMSS2020 Program and Abstract, ISN Today (Special Issue), vol 7:(1), p42 ISSN: 2756-780X


3.    Development Coconut Sport Supplements for Athletes

Journal Publication:

Wong, J. Y., Ler, H. Y., Thed, S. T., Kyu, M. S., & Wong, S. H. (2021). Effects of coconut sport gel on hydration measures, cognitive performance and anaerobic capacity in soccer players: A doubleblind, randomised, crossover study. Malaysian Journal of Movement, Health & Exercise, 10(2), 84-92. DOI: 10.4103/mohe.mohe_22_21

Proceedings/Abstract Book:

Jheng Yie Wong, Hui Yin Ler, Swee Tee Thed, Michell Seok Lin Kyu, Shi Han Wong (2020). Effects of Coconut Sport Gel on Hydration Measures, Cognitive Performance and Anaerobic Capacity in Soccer Players. VSMSS2020 Program and Abstract, ISN Today (Special Issue), vol 7:(1), p39 ISSN: 2756-780X

Does badminton participation contribute to holistic health benefits among recreational players (SGD 3)(Under Badminton World Federation (BWF) Education Grant, 2019-2021)


The present study encompasses a holistic approach towards understanding the wellness/health benefits of playing badminton among recreational players. It involve gathering data and information concerning their health status and perception of health benefits acquired from badminton participation in four aspects i.e. the physical, psychological, emotional and social aspects. 

Field Testing       

1. Physiological Health parameters: 

- Body composition

- Cardiovascular fitness test

- Bone density

- Balance test

- Strength & power test

- Flexibility test

- Other health parameters

 (cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension)

2. Socio-Psychological measurement:

- Badminton Health Benefits Questionnaire 


The research revealed that playing badminton recreationally is beneficial in developing both physical and physiological wellness. Recreational badminton players consistently perceived emotional and social health benefits higher as compared to psychological and physical health benefits. This provides evidence that playing badminton provides emotional stability benefits and social engagement other than psychological and physical health benefits for people to join badminton groups.


Provide research evidence on the holistic health benefits of badminton participation, aiming to elevate global  widespread acceptance of badminton as a recreational sport. Further enhance the popularity of the sports, bringing further growth to the badminton market. 

Yoga Intervention on Children with special needs (SGD 3 & SGD 5)


The study aims to examine the degree of efficacy of adapted yoga intervention on the executive functions of the children with ADHD. Additionally, it  seeks to identify the suitable duration of offline and online adaptive yoga intervention for ADHD children as to maximize the potential benefits of yoga.

Outline of Study 


1. ADHD Rating Scale

2. Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Functions (BRIEF-P)

3. Test of Attentional Performance for Children (KiTAP)

4. Video Analysis

Expected outcomes

Presents a new experiential approach of learning in Malaysia environment, which  complements the existing curriculum and therapies for a better physical and mental preparation of ADHD children to primary school education system. 


Contact : (AP Dr Ler Hui Yin)

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